Technical Visits

Valley of Struma

This wine region occupies the lands south-west of Bulgaria and is significantly influenced by the warm air currents along the valleys of the Mesta and Struma rivers. Compared to the rest, it does not have a large area, but it is the warmest and most specific wine-growing region in Bulgaria. Hilly terrain, relatively poor soils, high annual temperatures and dry climate are generally a prerequisite for almost exclusively red varieties. They are predominantly merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and the traditional variety Shiroka melnishka loza, which is emblematic for the region of ancient times and is grown mainly here. This is an exotic and very specific wine variety. It produces wines which, after long aging under suitable conditions in the presence of oak, develop a unique character with an exotic and very pleasant taste.

Tour 1Medi Valley Winery & Rila Monastery – near the city of Blagoevgrad (approx. 150 km. from Sofia)

Tracian Valley

The southern wine-growing region of Bulgaria covers the municipalities around the districts of Plovdiv, Haskovo, Pazardzhik, Stara Zagora, Sliven, Kardzhali and Yambol. Soils and climatic conditions are suitable for growing mainly on red grape varieties, but some white ones also thrive. Here is the unique Bulgarian variety Mavrud.

Tour 2 – Angel’s Estate Winery – near the city of Nova Zagora (approx. 270 km. from Sofia)

Tour 3 – Edoardo Miroglio Winery – near the city of Yambol (approx. 270 km. from Sofia)

Tour 4 – Bessa Valley Winery – near the city of Pazardzik (approx. 120 km. from Sofia)

Tour 5Saedinenie Winery – near the city of Saedinenie (approx. 135 km. from Sofia)

Tour 6 – Chateau Asena & Villa Yustina Winery – near the city of Plovdiv (approx. 150 km. from Sofia)

Tour 7Katarzyna Winery – near the city of Haskovo (approx. 290 km. from Sofia)